Inteeka is committed to being a friend to the environment, and we take sustainability seriously. We want to continue building our sustainable practices so we can be better for our customers and the planet. 

Here, you'll find some of the ways we've already invested into eco-friendly processes and practices but we know we can continue to do more. You can read about our ambitions for a greener future below.  

Our sustainability now

We already have a number of practices in place at Inteeka to minimise our impact on the environment:

Eco-friendly deliveries

We've invested into eco-friendly electric vehicles for our London based deliveries and working with partners who provide human powered and electric deliveries.

Recyclable materials and consumables

We have replaced all materials and consumables to recyclable products. From plastic to paper bubble wrap and eco friendly tape, to ensuring our waste is disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Sustainably sourced papers (FSC Certified)

Our print products use sustainably sourced papers which uphold the highest standards in the UK.

Monitoring waste and recycling

We monitor waste and and ensure everything is accounted for and disposed of with the most environmental process available.

Future sustainability

But we know we can always do more to reduce our carbon footprint. Here’s how we aim to improve:

Efficient technology

We will regularly review new energy efficient technology to implement in the workplace. Our staff are already leading the way to improving our energy efficiency by doing simple acts like switching off computers and lights at the end of the working day. We are also moving all of our server environments to sustainable cloud infrastructure; investing in new and replacing with eco friendly printing equipment.

Supply chain

Inteeka is committed to running our business using suppliers who not only promote sustainability, but also provide a safe and secure workplace, and value the human rights of their employees and customers too. 

Sustainable goods

We will continue to invest in and use sustainable goods and materials for our offices needs, and commercial print products.

Eco-friendly processes

Encouraging customers to turn to eco-friendly processes and materials while still receiving exceptional products. All of us can make a change for the better.

Our Credentials

ISO 9001 - Quality Management System (QMS)

Inteeka are a proud holder of ISO 9001 (Cert ID: 18958) which allows us to demonstrate the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

ISO 14001- Environmental Management System (EMS)

Inteeka are a proud holder of ISO 14001 (Cert ID: 18958). This provides the framework that Inteeka can follow to ensure effective environmental controls are in place.

FSC® certified

Since becoming FSC® certified in 2020, Inteeka Ltd has been able to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility by implementing the objectives and requirements of FSC® and aim to continually develop ourselves in this area. This certification provides customers with the peace of mind that their purchases are helping to protect the environment and support responsible forestry practices.

FSC® certified products available upon request.