Our mission is to provide our customers with the best springboard to create exceptionally great products and solutions.

Inteeka is a technology-first company. We find the best ways to add value through our collaborative environments which are friendly and enabling for both our customers and our people. 

Inteeka is geared to support the fast pace of our customers and their projects. Our close-knit team has a mix of skill sets and cultures that lets us provide unique and impactful products and solutions across the digital and print landscapes.

We are also committed to building a stronger company that has long-term sustainability and high standards of ethical responsibility. We are continually reviewing and evolving our practices so we meet and exceed these expectations.


Our values

Our values help us remain focused and committed to the relationships with our customers and the long term strategy of our company, ensuring we are always achieving our very best every step of the way.

Our professional standards

Ethics and integrity - Always do the right thing, consistently doing what is moral, fair and just in each situation

Inclusion and diversity - Drive forward through diversity and inclusion in how we work and who we work with

Data privacy and confidentiality - Respecting the confidential nature of the data our customers share with us

Environmental and social impact - ESG is an integral part of how we think as a company and infused in what we do everyday

Our customer commitment

Delivering impactful solutions - Skill, knowledge and insight ensure long term impact for our customers

Working together - Creative and forward thinking approaches for effective collaboration sessions

Creating long lasting relationships - Being honest and open each step of the way

Our people

Encourage growth - Create supportive and motivating environments to advocate professional and personal growth

Command respect - Our people are represented and respected in discussions, team work, and personal development 

Inspire expression - Ensure constructive ideas are acknowledged in collaborative and non-hierarchical spaces

Support health and wellness - Giving our team the space to improve and nurture their wellbeing. 

Our Credentials

ISO 9001 - Quality Management System (QMS)

Inteeka are a proud holder of ISO 9001 (Cert ID: 18958) which allows us to demonstrate the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

ISO 14001- Environmental Management System (EMS)

Inteeka are a proud holder of ISO 14001 (Cert ID: 18958). This provides the framework that Inteeka can follow to ensure effective environmental controls are in place.

FSC® certified

Since becoming FSC® certified in 2020, Inteeka Ltd has been able to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility by implementing the objectives and requirements of FSC® and aim to continually develop ourselves in this area. This certification provides customers with the peace of mind that their purchases are helping to protect the environment and support responsible forestry practices.

FSC® certified products available upon request.